Children around the world have fallen in love with the D Billions!
Below are the biggest D Billions Hits.
D Billions - Yummy Fruits & Vegetables
D Billions - Shake, shake your body! Clap, Clap, Cha Cha Cha!
D Billions- 123 Song
D Billions - My Name Is
Meet the DBillions
  • Cha-Cha
    Cha-Cha is the eldest of the D Billions heroes. He is smart, brave and curious. He also likes to be cheeky and cunning with his friends and family. His favorite color is Blue. Always has a very cheerful and positive attitude.
  • Boom-Boom
    Boom-Boom is the second eldest of the D Billions. He is the strongest of the four. He has a big kind heart and can always be relied upon to come for help. Loves to eat. His favorite color is Red. Always responsive and fair.
  • Chicky
    Chicky, the younger one of the D Billion brothers. The most joyful, open and youthfully naive of the four. Just like BOOM-BOOM, he has a supernatural power - Super Speed. His favorite color is Yellow. Always has а smile on his face.
  • Lya-Lya
    Lya-Lya is the youngest of the D Billions. She is caring and intelligent. Often she helps her brothers in difficult situations using her intellect. She loves being helpful and aims to make the world better. Her favorite color is Pink.
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